Ticket not transferable

A ticket is not transferable. Only the holder of the ticket and boarding pass for the correct date, time, and route can go on board the vessel. If the false holder of the ticket provides himself or herself on the counter they shall be considered as passengers with no ticket and they will be obliged to purchase a new one if the intend on travelling. If a ticket is presented by someone other than the person entitled to be carried there under or entitled to a refund in connection there with, we shall not be liable to the person or be able to refund the ticket holder unless he presents himself in person.

Lost tickets

In case of loss of a ticket we will not be able to replace our client with a new one. The client will have to purchase a new ticket in order to travel. Therefore we advice our clients to keep good hold of their tickets.

Also in some of our round trip tickets we have both our routes in one boarding pass. So make sure not to throw your boarding pass after you have consumed your one way side because as we’ve mentioned before lost tickets are not refundable

Travelling with your pet

It is possible to travel with a pet and there will be no charge fees for a client’s pet. However the animal must remain locked in a secure cage all along the journey. If not they must be on a leash and remain with their owner. And the owner is responsible for the pets well-being; providing it with food water etc. during the trip.

The passenger is held responsible in checking if the pet is able to travel and that the regulation of destination can accommodate the animal in question.

For more info you can always call us at info@intershipping.ma or email us on info@intershipping.ma


The passenger is responsible for his luggage. Intershipping is not responsible for the theft or loss of any objects, documents, or money aboard the boat.


Boarding Conditions

The passenger must be in the port 90 minutes before departure indicated on the ticket. If the client is late for the boarding and misses the boat because he/she were not on time then we are not held responsible.

The passenger needs to have all the documentation needed to travel according to law of departure and entry. Intershipping will not refund tickets to those who are not able to travel for circumstances we are not responsible for such as lack of documents.

Timetables may be modified without previous notice. Therefore client has to be in port 90 minutes before.

Cancellation Policy

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